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After purchasing a cheap replica watch, you need to note the following:

1. Replica watch cannot be utilized in strong magnetic field atmosphere
General mechanical replica watch magnetic ability is just inside a limited range to offer the aftereffect of anti-magnetic, whether it exceeds its anti-magnetic ability, the steel parts inside the replica watch is going to be magnetized, gossamer may also be affected, inducing the replica watch isn't accurate, Go fast phenomenon, serious can look to prevent.

2. Replica watch anxiety about severe shock and shock
Replica watch is really a sophisticated timing tool, parts are small, and mechanical replica watch only depend around the shock absorber shock performance to avoid vibration is really a certain limit, past the effective selection of the shock absorber, the very first may cause the end from the damage. Additionally, other areas from the mechanical replica watch for example gossamer, drill eye, axle tip, etc.,by severe vibration is going to be faulty or broken. Quarta movement watches, although there's no pendulum, gossamer along with other vulnerable parts, however the impact of huge electronic components may also cause harm, affecting using watches.

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3. General waterproof replica watch can't take swimming
Within the eyes of numerous people, that my replica watch is waterproof replica watch, you are able to waterproof, I don't have to take lower when swimming, actually, this concept is wrong. Since the general waterproof replica watch isn't swimming, diving replica watch, even though it utilizes a sealed measure, to avoid water splash and daily sweat invasion, although not drenched in water. General waterproof replica watch around the meter or atmospheric pressure marked using the depth water, may be the waterproof test within the laboratory once the theoretical depth water, test the replica watch and also the water have been in constant temperature, static condition. And real existence within this constant temperature, static isn't there. We put on watches within the water activities will greatly boost the water pressure around the replica watch. Therefore, it's best to not put on an over-all waterproof replica watch to go swimming or have a bath.

4. The outcome of chemicals on the look of watches
Many replica watch appearance parts for example straps, situation is gold-plated, chrome-plated or amount of titanium carbide, the coating is thinner, and a few cases, the replica watch is plastic covering, if the look of these watches or their coating by chemical for example Alcohol, alcohol, paint, cosmetics, sprays, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, water and solvent connection with the thermometer damaged mercury, for example contact, erosion, can change color, corrosion, as well as delamination. Therefore, our watches in daily use, should avoid connection with caffeine and acidity, alkali, salt erosion, in order to avoid harm to the look of replica watch parts, affecting the look and employ.

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5. Adjust the replica watch once the calendar "restricted area"
Calendar replica watch when the work process inside a certain time period can't make use of the fast-forwarding agencies to alter your day, this time around we're known as "closed." Within the "restricted area" this time around, the calendar institutions within the dial around the dial on the rear of the calendar ring is simply at the back of the calendar ring, then when the fast transfer adjustment calendar, can make the calendar ring rotation through the mind from the obstruction is bound Broken parts. So within the "restricted area" during this period can't rapidly adjust the calendar.

6. Watches cannot be stored with camphor
Camphor (including natural camphor, artificial camphor, coal tar) is an extremely volatile material. Camphor is definitely volatile, put into the closet and also the box of "mothballs" gradually smaller sized, is caused by camphor volatilization. Camphor volatile molecules easily using the replica watch movement from the lubricating oil chemical reaction, so the lack of lubricating oil lube. So the replica watch can't move normally, an immediate effect on the travel some time and service existence.